Toddler Boy Farmhouse Bedroom

When I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd baby. I was so overwhelmed, where is she gonna sleep? Where are we gonna put her stuff? What about our little boy? He already doesn’t have a room. We discussed building on so many times, had it all planned out. But wow, have you seen the prices on treated lumber? Wow!

That’s when we started looking at other options. We had a “den” that I had turned into a playroom. I basically hated this room because I’m OCD and it was one of the first things you seen when you walked into our house, TOYS EVERYWHERE 😳

That’s when we decided we would box this room in & make a bedroom, without a closet. Just a basic toddler room! It would also gives us a hallway where I could hang so many of our family pictures up. (A year later & I’ve yet to do that 😑)

I spent SO many late nights looking at decorations for this bedroom. I wanted it to be something “toddler friendly” my little boy was only 2 at the time, now 3. But I also wanted it to be something he could grow into so I wouldn’t have to change it unless he absolutely wanted to. I went with the farmhouse theme, buffalo plaid & deers.

I also had to come up with a separate light option, I wanted something other than a shade lamp but to keep the normal light, we was gonna have to rewire so many things. It was just gonna take way to much time.

My husband built it out of scrap lumber & I ordered from Amazon! So less than $25

At this point you are probably thinking “he’s 2, where is his toys?” … I have to have storage for toys, they all have to be placed in there own place 🙈 I stayed on Amazon for hours trying to find stuff that matched his room furniture but was still kid friendly.

Tall Hamper – $12
Long Hamper – $10
6 Cube Shelf – $37

His furniture is the “Trinell” Collection from Ashley Furniture. I bought it on a sale, the real price scared me off 🙈 but it’s honestly so worth it. He can use this stuff for years & it’s so pretty!

Twin Bed: $255
Chest of Drawers: $250
Nightstand: $148

Let’s talk wall decor … probably my favorite thing about decorating. I think it gives a bedroom so much character and what truly brings the room together. I browsed over 200 pages on Hobby Lobby for this stuff 🙈

Bear: $18
Fox: $18
Don’t Grow up: $18
Ducks, Trucks & Bucks: $24

Don’t let those prices freak you out. “Wall decor” at Hobby Lobby goes on a 50% off sale every other week . So if it’s not on sale this week, it will be next! Making something that’s regular $18 this week, $9 next week. Just keep checking back & don’t buy til’ you get the sale!

Curtains & Name? My two favorite places! Hobby Lobby & Amazon.

The letters also go on the 50% off sale, every other week. So I would just check back until it went on the sale. They have a drop down arrow that allows you to pick out which letter you want.

Bedding? I bought his quilt and sheet set from Zulily. It says “all gone now.” But I’m sure they have tons of similar ones. There stuff is good quality, mostly fast shipping & always so cute!

Little boys should never be sent to bed, they always wake up a day older. – Peter Pan 🤍

Rae Dunn Inspired Pantry Labels!

I have ALWAYS dreamed of having an organized pantry. When we bought our double wide we didn’t have a lot of time to browse our options, we basically bought the first 4 bedroom we found. We have lived here going on 3 years now & have remodeled A LOT. I finally convinced my husband to build me a pantry! So I had to make cute labels 😉

Supplies Needed:

  1. Labels! I used my circuit & cut my own but they are tons of people who sell them on Etsy.
  2. Jars, Jars & more Jars! I bought these ones from Hobby Lobby but you can use any kind!

    {Tip: These jars are 50% off every other week. So if they ain’t on sale this week, they will be next!}

Step 1: Wash your jars! I just sprayed mine with windex & used a paper towel!

Step 2: Get your label & peel off the back of it! It will just be your vinyl & transfer tape.

Step 3: Place label on the center of your jar!

Step 4: Smooth your label with a credit/debit card or any smooth surface will work.

Step 5: Carefully remove your transfer paper. {If the vinyl isn’t sticking, Place the transfer paper back down & burnish (smooth) it again.}

Now you have an organized pantry! Plus it gives the cute farmhouse style 😉

Here’s a cute time lapse viedo of me doing mine 🤍